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Leaders today are struggling with


It's been a topsy turvy few years for everyone. Positive Relational Energy is the key to lead forward.

John Sweeney & the Brave New Outpost are on a mission to help leaders thrive and level-up. We help growth-minded leaders develop EQ & connection as their secret sauce. It leads to better decision making, change agility, and talent retention and business performance that you are ultimately ready to level-up to that next role tomorrow.

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Start with your Mindset

Mindset eats skillset and toolset for lunch...

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Howdy. I'm

John Sweeney

John Sweeney is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers & workshop leaders in the country, and for good reason. He has been changing human behavior for over 20 years within the biggest businesses in the world, including: Microsoft, Target, Hilton, United Health Group, General Mills, Facebook, and Apple. He has shared the stage with George Bush, Sr., Deepak Chopra, Betty White, Steve Ballmer, and Mark Zuckerberg. A quote from his book appeared on millions of Starbucks cups, and he has danced shirtless on The Today Show and ESPN SportsCenter. John is a bit of an industry unicorn: highly strategic, goal-oriented, AND hilarious (his OG background, after all, was professional comedy.) His ability to highly customize his approach to deliver messages in a truly unforgettable way regularly brings audiences to their feet for a standing ovation.

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You are not alone.

You know engagement is a big deal. Now what?

  • Do you feel like you might not be getting everything you can out of your people?   
  • Does it seem like the resistance to work engagement & connection is worse than ever? 
  • Are you frustrated with training that feels like a waste of your time & energy?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you truly want to serve your team while ALSO building your own career?